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  • Citrus from Colombia

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  • Artisan goat cheese, handcrafted with love.
  • Our Maremmas guardian dogs, and their goats
  • Organic goat´s feeding, and organic finished products
  • Our priority is the health of each one of our clients.
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Healthy food, fresh from our farm!

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Goat´s Milk Cheese


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Goat´s Milk Yogurt


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Goat´s  Milk ice cream


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Fresh milk


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Diabetic friendly


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Lamb Hamburguer

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Our goat milk  Dairy Products from our brand "del pastor" are carefully handcrafted by experts. Our priority is the health of each one of our clients. Couple favor, contact us and leave us to know his experience with our products.

More than 500 years ago the pre-Colombian inhabitants used these lands to cultivate quinoa and amaranth. Today our products are positioned in the market thanks to the flavor and distinctive quality that we achieved with pre-Columbian organic crops and the high quality of organic pastures that we maintain for our goats, while we continue growing quinoa and amaranth.

This fibrous and nutritious feed ensures the goats' are kept in the best of health and provide us with high quality fresh tasting milk. More info