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Environment and community inclusion

enviroment1Goats are  one´s of the nature greatest animal, so it’s not surprising that we maintain a deep commitment to protecting their natural that we share with them. Our goat dairy production  focus on silvo pasture  and organic programs that  demonstrate our strategic drive to align everything we do - from community engagement to our products  and our business practices - toward a cleaner world. Better environmental performance is not just good for the planet, it’s good for our business and for our communities worldwide.

Every day, hundreds of goat milk farmers in Colombia lead activities and projects that create continuous improvements in the areas of goat milk production, including  water and materials conservation. Our company is constantly looking for these farmers to include them in training and equipment to produce high quality milk, so they can generate  cashflow.




communityThrough purposeful processes our company engages goat milk producers to improve their living, our company and  its employees support innovative partnerships and programs that align with our strategic objectives, create value and help build better communities nationwide.