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Our farm

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We use standard procedures to milk our goats to ensure high quality milk


More than 500 years ago the pre-Colombian inhabitants used these lands to cultivate quinoa and amaranth. Today our products are positioned in the market thanks to the flavor and distinctive quality that we achieved with pre-Columbian organic crops and the high quality of organic pastures that we maintain for our goats, while we continue growing quinoa and amaranth.

This fibrous and nutritious feed ensures the goats' are kept in the best of health and provide us with high quality fresh tasting milk.



ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION We practice a deep respect for what the goats eat, protecting the environment. These mean that we do not use pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, none type of chemical that harm the land, goats or the final product. So our customer can enjoy nutritional and delicious products for their wellbeing.

Through the silvopasture practices, we assure carbon capture and, at the same time, we protect a native forest to encourage wildlife development.

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