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Production and processing

Our goat dairy production has the standards and constant investment to ensure the highest level of hygiene and efficiency. Our products are distributed to well-known supermarkets such as Carulla, Exito, Jumbo, Surtifruver, Olimpica, natural stores, Gyms, and many friends that buy direct from us.

We practice a deep respect for each one of our customers, this allows us to count with optimal facilities and infrastructure, additionally we have GMP, critical point control records, and we are certified by INVIMA (Surveillance National Institute for Drugs and Food in Colombia.

Health Benefits

Differences between cow and goats milk

Around the globe more people are aware that cow’s milk may not suitable for many people, and have started to seek an alternative that is better suited to human body. Many people who do not accept cows’ milk can drink goats' milk without any problems, and even say that their symptoms (such as eczema; asthma; bloatedness; constipation; digestive discomfort and catarrh) are reduced or go away altogether.

Reasons to consider Goats' Milk

1. Less allergenic proteins

Protein is essential for growth, development and repair of the body.  Protein Alpha-S1-casein in cow´s milk is known as ¨devil in milk¨.


2. Easy to digest


The fat globules in goat’s milk are naturally much smaller in size and this may make it easier to digest. The protein composition of goats’ milk allows it to form a softer curd during digestion which may assist with your digestive health and comfort.

3. Lower in lactose

Goats' milk typically contains less lactose than cows' milk, and the amount of lactose people can tolerate varies. Goats' milks’ is easy to digest.


4. Calcium Bio Available

Goats’ milk products consumed daily provide an person reference intake of calcium.

5) Goats' milk is lower in cholesterol than cows' milk.

bajar el colesterol


6. Other Essential Minerals

vaso copia

One (200ml) serving of goats' milk delivers over one quarter (180mg) of your Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) of phosphorus (which helps build strong bones and teeth and to release energy from food), and meets your daily iodine needs (which helps keep our thyroid and metabolic rate healthy) and provides 340mg (17% NRV) of potassium (involved in maintaining a healthy blood pressure by helping to blunt the effects of sodium).




Goats' milk has more oligosaccharides than cows' milk, with an amount similar to human milk. These act as prebiotics in the gut and may help to maintain the health of the digestive tract by encouraging the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.